Apr 25, 2017

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Church Technology-An Analysis

In today’s world, whether what you have is business or just a personal endeavor, you would need to utilize technology in order for you to gain following. Churches are not an exception. Each one may have their own loyal parishioners and church goers but the growth of their congregation is imperative to make it survive. Technology has a huge role to play in its growth. Starting from the microphones to the sound system used at the church, a better sermon is heard. But if the church uses a much modern type of technology such as the internet, it will be heard by much more people.

What the congregation needs is a website that will showcase all the information about the church and the service they provide. They can also upload pictures and live videos during mass or sermon. A better outcome will even be established when members of the community comment. Even if they attend mass every Sunday, the possibility of them communicating is not really high. They may sit next to one another all the time but they may not be able to exchange anything other than smiles and nods. Social media and websites allow people to do all these exchange of ideas which allow people to build a bridge.

This will better strengthen the community and whatever it is that needs to be improved will be seen. Those who are skeptical in visiting the church because they have doubts with the characters and attitude of the church goers will have a chance to gauge the people through their comments. There are a lot of benefits from utilizing modern technology. The church needs to keep up with what the new world has to offer to give the word of the Lord a chance to reach the ears of those individuals who needs it most.